I would like to finish what I started. After selling my home and training for 3 years to get to the Dakar Rally in 2015 I crashed out in the dunes of the Atacama Desert. In 2016 I returned but luck would elude me again with another DNF. This time from a mechanical problem and fatigue. Its going to take a little help to get me back to South America for a 3rd shot at my Everest but im hoping to get back for 2019. I hope to raise the money needed by continuing with our guided trail rides in the South West, auctioning off items, finding more sponsors, and doing a little crowdfunding. Thank you for everyones support so far. Corky

Friday, 2 June 2017

Africa Eco Race 2018 Malle Moto Twin Cylinder

As I write this blog entry I'm also going through the registration process for the next edition of the Africa Eco Race.

It's been an ambition of mine to compete in this event and follow in the footsteps of some of the greatest riders in rally history. It's not for everyone but I'm addicted to the challenges of riding the bigger twin cylinder bikes. Riding them has given me my greatest and most enjoyable racing achievements. Entering both the Malle Moto and Twin Cylinder classes in the Africa Eco will be my ultimate rally adventure.

Earlier his year I took part in both the Tuareg and the Morroco Desert Challenge rallies on my modified KTM 950 Adventure with solid performances/results. Recently I just came back from an 8,000 km trip which included the Illyria Raid on the new Africa Twin.

The plan is to pull the 950 Rally out of retirement unless of course I'm offered a new KTM 1090 or Honda Africa Twin. To fund my entry I will be selling my much prized KTM Super Enduro that gave me my 1st taste of Twin Cylinder racing in the Hellas (2015) and the Tuareg Rally (2016). 

Hel Performance, and JD Racing are supporting. Rally Raid Products have kindly offered to service my rear shock, Devon Moto have sorted me out with helmets from Bell, a mattress, & sleeping bag, Okehampton Cycles help with my bicycle needs for my training, & I have base layers, underwear, fleece jackets, and waterproofs from Jofama for the event.

Needed for the race:

Bash plate £350
2 wheel rebuilds £500
Dyno time £200
Front fender £250
Fork rebuid £200
All bearings, chain and sprockets £400
Spare front wheel £400
Air Filters £100

Transport of bike, gear, boxes, and rider to the start and from the finish (south of France).

The other big expense will be the tyres and mousses. Estimated cost £2,000

If anyone wants to help/sponsor me for any of the above please get in touch.

Friday, 12 May 2017

2017 Race Report

Took 2 1st in class wins in the Tuareg & Morocco Desert Challenge rallies in March/April this year. I raced my purpose built KTM LC8 Rally wich had been heavily modified with an oil cooler, bigger radiator, custom nav tower, rear oil tank, rally fairing, and bigger/better suspension.

The Tuareg Rallye: The event is infamous for its relentless difficult terrain, and includes some 500km's of the toughest dune riding of any event. During the Kings Stage a miscalculation saw the LC8 run out of fuel just 6k from the end of the special. Final overall position - 6th.

Morocco Desert Challenge: The rally started in Agadir and finished in Saidia, and boasts to be the 3rd biggest rally after the Silk Way and Dakar. The event was made harder by riding in the 'Malle Moto' class which meant no assistance and living out of 2 metal boxes. A split fuel line on day 1, and having to nurse the bike home due to the mousse failing on day 6 dropped me to a 17th place overall.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

2017 Race Jersey Design

Thanks to Stak Clothing for again designing/suppliying my race jerseys. So easy to work with them and I'm always very happy with the final product. Thanks to all my sponsors for the 2017 race season. 1st race in March - can't wait to get started.

Baja Rally 2016

Another eventful rally :) First time in Mexico and first time on the Rally-Raid Products LC4-50. Was pretty comfortable with the whole gig untill I binned it on day 2 causing damage to both bike and rider. Then on the final day me and many others had to deal with food poisoning which literally stopped us in our tracks.

Beautiful riding though and surprisingly technical in both terrain and navigation. Another event ticked off the bucket list. Big thanks to Rally-Raid Products for the opertunity - it was a lot of fun.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Dakar Rally 2019

Dakar Rally 2019

This is hardly a surprise to those who know me but I'm going to try and get to the start line of Dakar 2019. I'd drawn a line under it for financial reasons but I've had so many messages of support from those who want to be a part of it that it may just be possible for a 3rd attempt.

At the 2016 Dakar Rally
The basic €15,000 entry fee and then a bike needed to enter in malle motos class isn't going to be easy to find, but everyone around me thinks it's more than possible. There will be more details on how people can help when I have some sort of a plan of action put together. In the meantime the easiest way to support is to visit us in Devon and spend 2 days riding with me (www.gotrailriding.co.uk). 

The Story So Far

I'm sure your all aware we sold the family home and downsized to finance the 1st attempt which ended with a crash on just day 4. The 2nd attempt was partially funded by selling the rally bike, having some sponsors, and most memorably a collection given to me during the Paddy Dakar when visiting Ireland last September. The bike I used was 2nd hand and mine for just the duration of the rally. Things started as planned but quickly disintegrated into a nightmare when on day 4 my mousse exploded and put me at the back of the grid. It was hellish but somehow I muddled on and really thought I would make it to the end. At the end of day 12 battling with a then uknown mechanical issue and total fatigue it was over.

What's Happened Since

I've been concentrating on the running of our sports/recreation B&B which is keeping afloat and more importantly it has given our children a great place to live. My sponsors have continued to support me in my racing and I took part in the Libya and Tuareg Rally with Desert Rose Racing this year.

At the Tuareg Rally on the 950 SE
The Future

I have the Baja Rally in America later this year riding the Rally Raid Products LC4-50, and 2017 will see me compete on a modified KTM 950 in the Tuareg, Libya, Hellas & Africa Eco Rallies. 2018 will be spent focusing on the physical training. Lastly there's talk of making a film or documentary about the journey to the start line. Again money might prevent this from coming to fruition but discussions are being made.

Being Interviewed
Thanks as always to everyone who follows and/or supports me, Corky

Saturday, 25 June 2016

2017 Racing Schedule

For 2017 I'll be racing a highly modified LC8 in the Tuareg, Libya, Hellas, and Africa Eco rallies. Ive got a passion for riding the bigger bikes and always choose to ride them when training, trail riding, or doing other events. Last year I did my 1st rally in Greece on the 950 Super Enduro and then later on in the year rode the 990 adventure into the Dunes of Morocco. This year I took the 950 to the Tuareg Rally and just loved it. I was so amazed by what these big bikes can do. I was expecting the fesh fesh sections to be a nightmare but the bike just smashed through the soft stuff and really proved to me how capable they are.

The custom build will be based on a 950 Adventure and will have custom made front tanks, use a 450 rally fairing, a custom nav tower, new suspension, triple clamps, rear oil tank, Haan wheels, foam filter system, and a bigger radiator. The main objectives are to get the weight off the front end and make the bike feel narrower, generally lighter, and more nimble.

You can follow the build and racing at: www.facebook.com/lc8racing