I would like to finish what I started. After selling my home and training for 3 years to get to the Dakar Rally in 2015 I crashed out in the dunes of the Atacama Desert. In 2016 I returned but luck would elude me again with another DNF. This time from a mechanical problem and fatigue. Its going to take a little help to get me back to South America for a 3rd shot at my Everest but im hoping to get back for 2019. I hope to raise the money needed by continuing with our guided trail rides in the South West, auctioning off items, finding more sponsors, and doing a little crowdfunding. Thank you for everyones support so far. Corky


The Dakar Rally alone will be seen by 3.9 million spectators in South America, is televised in 190 countries with around 1,200 hours of coverage. The bike/rider will be displayed in the UK motorcycle press and local papers. The Africa Eco Race is also televised and again myself and the bike will be featured in the UK press.

Available advertising/sponsorship space

If you would like your companies logo proudly displayed on my race clothing or bike then please contact me at: chris@gotrailriding.co.uk

Big thank you to all below for supporting me in my Racing