Wow! What a journey its been so far. After selling my home and training for 3 years to get to the Dakar Rally in 2015, I crashed out in the dunes of the Atacama Desert. In 2016 I returned, but luck would elude me again with another DNF - this time from a mechanical problem and fatigue. 2018 saw me in Africa, but again mechanical issues thwarted my attempt. Its going to take a little financial help to see me go once again in 2019. I hope to raise the money needed by continuing with our guided trail rides in the South West, auctioning off items, and finding more sponsors. Thank you for everyones support so far. Corky


The Africa Eco Race is quickly becoming the rally that racers want to be in. People are proclaiming it 'The Real Dakar'. No 450cc limits, no daily 500k tarmac liasions, just 500 to 700 km's of pure desert racing every day for 14 days. The race follows the classic Dakar route through Morocco, Mauritania, and Senegal, and has daily reports on Eurosport where all the UK riders are reported on. There is also behind the scenes footage from the track and bivouac aired from the official website. As the yearly registrations increase, so does the interest from the media. The bike/rider will be reported on in the UK motorcycle press and local papers. 

The funds needed to race in The Africa Eco Race and take part in a qualifier are 22,000 Euros.


Race Entry Fee: 11,000
Tyres: 1,800
Hotels: 400
Flights: 215
Fuel: 700
Tyre/Box Transportation During Race: 750
Navigation Systems Rental: 1,250
Starting Permission and Race Licence: 800
Transport to France and Back: 900
Insurances: 170
Rally Jacket 450
Decal kit 170

Qualifier (Pan Africa Rally) 3,000

TOTAL: 21,605 Euros

Sponsorship Packages

Gold Package - 22,000 Euros. Complete livery of both bike and race jacket in sponsors colours with main logo placements. Sponsors logos will also be on all hats, jackets, t-shirts, etc worn for the duration of the event.

Silver Package - 11,000 Euros. Complete livery of either bike or race jacket in sponsors colours with main logo placement. A smaller logo will also be added in a prominent postition on the bike or jacket. Sponsors logos will also be on all hats, jackets, t-shirts, etc worn for the duration of the event.

Bronze Package - 2,000 Euros. Company logo displayed on chest and arms of jacket as well as both sides of the bike in a prominent position.

Any sponsorship money raised over what is needed will go to my chosen charity - the local children's hospice.

If you feel you can help with sponsorship please contact me at:

Big thank you to all below for supporting me in my racing